Montana is full of charming small towns, and each of them has something to offer if you're traveling through the state. Some towns have unique attractions that you won't find anywhere else in the world. If you want to have a true Montana experience, small towns are the best places to go.

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Each summer, I like to pick a place in Montana that I haven't been to and hit the road. Regardless of where you are in Big Sky Country, there's a lot to explore. Eastern Montana is much different than Western Montana, and some would say that it isn't as beautiful. I disagree. The variety of landscapes throughout Montana is one of the many things that makes it so special.

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If you asked a group of Montanans to tell you about their favorite places in the state, each of them would probably give you a different answer. With so many great places to spend time outdoors, it's hard to narrow it down to just one. Personally, if I won the lottery, there's one place in Montana that I would want to live.

What Part of Montana is the Most Magical?

If I could live anywhere in Montana and money wasn't an issue, I would live somewhere in the Flathead Valley. I'm not talking specifically about Whitefish or Kalispell though. I'd rather be somewhere a little more off the grid. Lakeside is one of my favorite towns in Montana, so I'd try to find a place in that area. In my opinion, there's no place in Montana that compares to the Flathead Valley. Plus, it's close to Glacier National Park.

Flathead Valley
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Before his passing, comedian Robin Williams visited Glacier National Park. Here's what he had to say about his experience.

If it isn't God's backyard, He certainly lives nearby.

We couldn't agree more, Robin.

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