There are plenty of things to complain about in Bozeman, and apparently, people don't want to hear your complaints. One man learned that lesson the hard way online.

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A man decided to voice his frustrations about living in Bozeman on The Real Ask Bozeman Page on Facebook and got absolutely roasted in the comments.

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Here's What the Man Posted About Bozeman on Facebook

The man started his rant by asking;

Anyone else regret moving to Bozeman?

Apparently, the man had quite a few reasons for asking the question. He continued;

We only skied bridger twice last year and barley went on 3 hikes this summer. We realized we could of bought 3 houses elsewhere and taken a vacation here and still saved money! Our street hasn’t even been plowed this year, the locals are [expletive], and the highways are death traps!

The guy makes some pretty good points. However, he went too far when he insulted the locals. The post on Facebook received nearly 400 comments as of this writing, and none were flattering.

One person wrote;

Please spread the word so that everyone knows before it's too late and they are stuck here. I bet plenty of people tried to warn you...But don't worry, Montana doesn't like you either.

Another person added;

I'm sorry to say this but maybe you should have done more research or you know maybe visited here in the winter before you decided to move here. The roads aren't death traps if you know how to properly dive in it.

We definitely got a good laugh out of the following comment;

Are you rage quitting a town?

Winter in Montana isn't for the faint of heart. There's a lot of snow, and snow plowers drivers work hard to clear roads as quickly as possible. Also, you can't blame other people for the fact that you don't go skiing or hiking that much. There's a saying in Montana that I hear all of the time and I think it's pretty appropriate. If you don't like it here, then move.

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