One of the oddest and most fantastic things about what I do for a living in radio is that you never really know what to expect when the phone rings. Just for example -- about 10 years ago I returned to my desk after lunch to find a voice mail from a rather excited gentleman who only gave the name of "Dallas." Being the inquisitive person I am, I dialed the number that was left.

Little did I know it was a connection to a person that influences the way U2 fans hear their music.

I was able to catch up with Dallas Schoo in Montreal for this conversation.

In part one: Dallas shares his thoughts on the vibe of the album they are working on, breaking down the barrier between band & audience and what it means to be a guitar technician:

In part two: Dallas discussed kids and rock & roll, a new app from The Edge, Gibson Guitar factory and how you just might get a ticket to a sold out show: