When asked, 75% of men say they prefer a natural look on a woman. Most men aren't into the full-face of makeup. That's all fine and good but, ladies, does it even matter? They're forgetting something, here. 

Every morning, it's a commitment for me to get ready. Sure, I'd love to be one of those women who are comfortable enough in their own skin to quickly shower, let their hair air-dry and only put on some facial moisturizer. I'm not. Thinking about it, going "natural" isn't really my style. I'm not overly fussy but it takes me a long time to get ready and I love makeup. I like to try new things and I like how it makes me feel. I'll enhance facial features I'm a fan of and skim over the ones I'm not totally into.

That's just who I am.

Being married (for 12 years - I was young when I said "I do"), I want my husband to find me attractive. Thinking of the opposite sounds so much worse. However, I don't wear makeup for him - or any other guy.

It's nice that a majority of men say they want us to rock the "natural look" so let's acknowledge that for a moment.

Moment over.

We won't wear makeup for men, do we ladies? We wear it for ourselves and we wear it for each other. Going out for a bunch of girlfriends means pampering, a new outfit and fresh makeup. I'm all about it.

Plus, let's be real: Our guys have seen us first thing in the morning when we do have a natural look. Don't tell me if that was our first meeting, he'd be all, "Oh my gosh, you're irresistible and I just have to be with you this second." He needs a reference point. As women, we have so many layers that, when put together in one awesome package (us),  we become desirable.

Agree? Disagree?

P.S. If I asked my  husband if he liked the natural look, he'd say yes. He'd say he prefers me with no makeup. He's also probably imagining someone else's natural look. This girl is wrecked first thing in the morning.