credit: Stockbyte

It's tough to shop for guys on Valentine's Day. Socks aren't so much fun to open and chocolates are a better gift for us...or are they?

Men were asked what they would like for Valentine's Day and they answered with what they truly wanted. Now, take these suggestions with a grain of salt because as you read through them, you'll notice that some of the guys are pretty much the opposite of the one we are with.

  1. A box of chocolates. Yes, for real.
  2. To watch 'Dance Moms' with her. (This is probably 1% of men - if that)
  3. A massage for both of us.
  4. Stuff for men. (Leather goods, cologne)
  5. Guys don't really expect anything for themselves. (This is kind of what we were thinking)
  6. Moving Valentine's Day to another date. Buy more at regular price - not the inflated holiday price.
  7. To be surprised. This can be anything from a hug to a slice of pizza.
  8. Frozen Reese's cups. Pounds and pounds of them.
  9. A day where I make zero decisions and have zero responsibility.
  10. Zero obligations. (Okay, we're sensing a pattern)


Survey from CafeMom.