Montana is full of wide open spaces and desolate highways. There are many places in the state where you can drive for miles without seeing another person. However, that isn't the case for wild animals. Regardless of where you are in Montana, you'll most likely encounter some sort of wildlife.

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I moved to Montana nearly 8 years ago for work. I grew up in Idaho, a state with similar values and beliefs. Before moving to Montana, I had never hit a deer while driving. Who knows, maybe the deer in Idaho aren't as brave as deer in Montana. I've met a lot of people with similar stories. For some reason, hitting a deer while driving in Montana is fairly common. Even if you try to swerve out of the way, the deer will literally try to chase you off the road.

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Deer aren't the only animals you have to worry about, but they are the most common. There are also bison, elk, moose, and too many other animals to mention. When I saw this list of states where you're most likely to hit an animal, I wasn't surprised to see Montana near the top of the list. Honestly, I thought it would be #1.

How Likely Are You To Hit An Animal While Driving in Montana?

According to Stacker, Montana ranks #2 on the list of states where you are most likely to have an encounter with wildlife while driving. Your chances of hitting an animal in Montana are 1 in 44 (2.27% of drivers). The only state that ranked higher than Montana was West Virginia, where chances are 1 in 35 (2.86% of drivers).

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Stay safe Montana, and watch out for wild animals!

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