With high school baseball ending and the American Legion starting soon, do you know Montana's lone player in the major leagues?

Montana and baseball have had a rocky relationship. For decades Montana only had American Legion baseball that would last from April through August. The Montana High School Association finally endorsed high school baseball, and my hometown, the Polson Pirates, captured the first state title.

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Why does baseball seem left out in the cold? It's because of the weather. Baseball has been prone to deal with snow and rain at the beginning of the season, and players have had to adapt and overcome.

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That's why you don't see many baseball players from Montana play professionally. So when a Montanan makes it to the major leagues, it's a source of pride for many of us who played baseball in Montana and dreamed about making it to the big time.

Montana's only current Major League Baseball player is Codi Heuer of the Chicago Cubs. Hailing out of Missoula, Codi played collegiately at Wichita State and was drafted by the Chicago White Sox in the 2018 MLB Draft.

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Codi Heuer was traded in 2021 to the Chicago Cubs and instantly became a crucial part of their bullpen. Heuer spent the entire 2022 and part of the 2023 season rehabbing from surgery and is set to rejoin the team in the next few weeks.

Codi displays a fastball that has topped at 99 miles per hour and could help a bullpen that has been a problem all year for the Cubs.

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If you have a young child who dreams about one day playing in the MLB and needs someone to look up to, tell them to check out Codi Heuer.

For more details, check out the MLB.

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