I am not surprised at all.

Sydney Celebrates St Patrick's Day

According to Candystore.com, they ranked all 50 states on how rowdy they are on St. Patrick's Day and thankfully Montana was one of the top choices for Most Rowdy.

Check out the interactive map below from Candystore.com as well. It's amazing how rowdy we are with all the states surrounding us are totally lame when it comes to St. Patrick's Day celebrations.

 Here's the only problem with the description they give about Montana: they recommend checking out the parades and celebrations in Missoula or Helena. That's a problem because if you have lived in Montana for any amount of time you know for a fact the absolute best St. Patrick's Day celebration in Montana is in Butte. It's rowdiness on the highest level and a day you will not only enjoy but most likely forget due to all the fun. Who out there agrees with me on this?