What's the wildest nature footage you've ever captured? It could be a neat picture of a bear drinking from a river or a gorgeous sunrise over the mountains.

But have you ever seen a bear chase a moose? If you have, well then maybe this video won't be as fascinating.

Wes Larson, a host of a podcast called 'Tooth And Claw,' tweeted out a video on Saturday of a wild wildlife high-speed chase. He captured a video of a grizzly bear chasing down a moose at a campsite somewhere in Montana. Fortunately, Larson was safe and sound in his vehicle, so it made for an incredible video with no danger of attacks.

Get out of there, Bullwinkle

What in the Grand Theft Auto is going on? What did Bullwinkle do to Yogi?

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There were some great tweets in the video. One user said, "The moose paused like he was asking you for help, lol."

Another tweeter said, "That moose like "that bear is CRAZY""

And perhaps my favorite tweet was "That ain't no campground, that's a buffet. And you could be the main course. Where the log cabin at homie?"

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Jokes aside, that was an awesome video. Montana can be wild.

By the way, do you remember when a grizzly bear killed a moose during a wedding in Glacier National Park a couple of years ago? Now that was truly wild.

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