As a child, I grew up playing sports and continued to play until my mid 30's, and never have I ever heard of such a ridiculous ordeal in my life. For the parents that decided they wanted to be a sideline coach or referee, good job. You have ruined it for the others. Luckily for those parents, I have to wait until after the game to congratulate them on showing their true colors.

No talking, yelling, or conversation by parents


When I was a youth athlete, I relied on the clapping, the yelling of "YOU got this", the reminders of "keep your elbow up", "follow through", and of course the classic, "keep your eye on the ball". If I didn't have those things, I would have not been a successful athlete. Why? Because as young children we need to have positive reinforcement. If you are a parent that can't be positive, stay home. Simple.

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No cheering until the game is over


I recently learned about Silent Saturday, which is taking place at a local soccer game this Saturday. Now perhaps I am not seeing something that is behind all of this. But here is the deal, we had crappy parents in the stands all through out our youth, they were separated at games, if that didn't work they were asked to leave. We didn't punish every kid/parent by removing all voices from games.

No talking directly to referees

In case you are curious as to what all is NOT allowed at Saturday's soccer game here is the actual flyer sent to families. Now don't get me wrong, this has been a thing all over the country for a while now, it's just new to Bozeman. For me, it's not ideal. But, I also never yelled at umps or referees the way some people do.

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You read that all correctly. I feel very sad for any kiddo that scores and doesn't get to have their family and friends clap and cheer for them. For the kiddo that has a game winning save, I'm sorry you have to look over and see your support system sitting back in silence enjoying the "beautiful game of soccer", and I am sorry for everyone who was harassed, yelled at, and even threated by the few crap parents that made "Silent Saturday" have to be a thing here in Bozeman.

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