Montana residents are some of the most die hard lovers of their state in the Nation.

I've heard from outsiders that the only place that comes close to the love we have for our state is Texas.

So how well do you know your Montana facts?

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Do you bleed 406?


It's probably not hard for people to know and answer something as easy as the state motto, "Oro y Plata."

I hope we all know the nicknames for the state, "Big Sky Country" and "Treasure State."

But do you know the state bird?

Growing up in South Dakota I could tell you that their state bird is the "Ring-necked Pheasant."


I wouldn't be able to tell you though what the state gem is, or what the state song is.

We're not here to talk about South Dakota though, we're here to talk about Montana.

As I said earlier, Montanans are a proud bunch, so you all probably won't have any problem getting 100% of our quiz right, right?

That includes knowing the state soil; did you even know Montana had an official state soil?


Even if you don't get all the answers right, remember this is just for fun, and hey maybe you'll learn something new and be able to bring it up as a neat little trivia tidbit.

So strap on those thinking caps and test your knowledge of Montana.

If you want to cheat then you can check out where we got our questions and answers from here, but you wouldn't do that would you.

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