Victorian-style houses are so distinct, there's a real vibe to them. So fancy and intricate, flamboyant and yet inviting. Staying in a house like that could make you feel like a noble in Queen Victoria's England. According to an interior-decoration magazine called House Beautiful, some examples of areas where you'll find these types of houses are "Cincinnati, Ohio; New Orleans’ Garden District, and parts of San Francisco, and Brooklyn, New York." But Montana also has its share of these beautiful homes.

There are a number of Victorian-style houses in Helena, and luckily for anyone who'd like to spend a night at one of them, some are Airbnbs. Here's a list of 6 available for booking:

Modern Victorian

According to their description, downtown, the capital and multiple trailheads are "just about" a 10-minute walk from this Airbnb. Though modern, the victorian vibe is definitely there.

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Comfy Victorian

Family friendly and only one block from the capital building according to their description. The exterior's brown wood adds a Montanan flavor.

Victorian Charmer

This is a seriously handsome house, I adore the white exterior. This Airbnb is light on its description, maybe because the look does all talking necessary.

Beautiful Victorian

"4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a living room and full kitchen" but most impressively, not one but two porches. I'll also give this Airbnb credit for not requiring a cleaning fee or security deposit.

Mini Victorian

So cozy, but spacious enough for 4 guests. Outside enjoy their gas barbecue and fire pit, inside has a fireplace and a hdtv, see for yourself.

Historic Victorian

Their description says this home, built in 1892, is on the National Register of Historic Places, which is a plus if you're into that sort of thing. Plus it's absolutely gorgeous, but keep in mind that you're only able to rent one room.

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