This year has been a tough year for teachers around the country. Many teachers have had to adjust to online learning and adhere to state mandates.

There is no doubt that teachers are working harder than ever to provide a quality education for students in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, but how much are they getting paid for the work that they do?

According to a study by, Montana ranks 13th for teacher salaries across the U.S. The average teacher salary in Montana is $54,034. Nationally, the average salary for teachers is $61,430. In the past 10 years in Montana, the average salary for teachers has increased by less than $1,000.

Some states have seen an increase in pay over the last year. Washington and Oklahoma have seen a 28% and 11% increase in teacher salaries. New York has the best pay for teachers, making 11.5% more than the average salary. Unfortunately, that isn't the case for teachers in Montana. On this chart, you can see Montana teacher salaries dating all the way back to 1970.

To determine each states average teacher salary, they compared the average teacher salary to the average salary for all full-time year-round employees in each state. The average teacher salaries were sourced from the National Center for Educational Statistics. The average state salary for all full-time year-round employees came from the U.S Census Bureau’s American Community Survey.

It's safe to say that teachers in Montana are not getting paid enough for the work that they do, and that needs to change. The COVID-19 pandemic has helped many of us realize just how valuable Montana’s teachers are.

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