If you've lived in Montana for a while you've probably heard about the pork chop sandwich.

facebook.com/theofficialporkchopjohns Photo Credit: Greg Thilmont
Photo Credit: Greg Thilmont

The pork chop sandwich was invented in Butte, Montana nearly 100 years ago. According to the Butte-Silverbow Archives, a man named John Burklund invented the pork chop sandwich in 1924. You may know him as "Pork Chop John." The sandwich was essentially a way to feed hungry mine workers in Butte.

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There's no denying that the pork chop sandwich has earned its rightful place in Montana history. Without it, who knows how many miners would have died of starvation. To learn more about the history of the pork chop sandwich, click here.


Recently, Far and Wide released a list of the best sandwich in every state, and the pork chop sandwich was picked as the best in Montana. Here's what the website had to say about Montana's iconic pork chop sandwich.

Made famous by one of Montana's most famous sons, Evel Knievel, the pork chop sandwich is a Butte favorite. Many local restaurants claim to serve the best version, including Knievel's pick, the Freeway Tavern's "World Famous Wop Chop," made according to a top-secret recipe.


I'm not sure in Evel Knievel is responsible for making the pork chop sandwich famous, but I do agree that the "Wop Chop" is one of the best in the state. Do yourself a favor and stop by the Freeway Tavern the next time you're in Butte. Pork Chop John's is also a great place to stop for an original pork chop sandwich.

Where's your favorite place to get a pork chop sandwich in Montana? Send me an App Chat and let me know!

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