If there is one thing Montanans love to do is shop local and buy local and that is especially is true when it comes food shopping.

Love Food via MSN Lifestyle came out with a list of every state's Top Farm Store and for Montana is a place that is iconic and will always knock your socks off. The top farm store in Montana is apparently Lifeline Creamery and Farm Store in Victor, Montana.

Lifeline Creamery & Farm Store via Facebook
Lifeline Creamery & Farm Store via Facebook

Lifeline Creamery and Farm Store in Victor, which is about a 45 minute drive south of Missoula, has everything from fresh cut grass fed beef and whey fed pork but their dairy section is legendary. They have crafted chees, butter and milk to choose from and their garlic cheese curds are to be life changing.

So I have never been to this place but my sister has and when I asked her about Lifeline Creamery and Farm Store she said she hasn't had that great of cheese curds since her trip to Wisconsin and now she will be heading to Lifeline Creamery this weekend to pick up some. Now I want to make a trip over and try some of their cheese curds and get some fresh meat as well. This place sounds awesome.

If you don't want to travel all the way over Victor, Montana there are a few spots around the Bozeman area that could help your out from Daniel's Gourmet Meats to Chalet Market. If you are over in the Bitterroot this summer though, you might want to swing by here.

For more details, check out Love Food.

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