We have to be honest here though, there are so many places in Montana that could be fitting this title but this spot is iconic.

Cosmopolitan came out with a list of the Most Beautiful Place in Every State and we had to know what they chose for Montana. There is so many spots to choose from. Places in Yellowstone National Park, Flathead Lake, Gallatin National Forest and so many others. The thing is, they chose a pretty great place.

Cosmopolitan picked Lake McDonald in Glacier National Park as the most beautiful place in Montana and we have to agree. It's the largest lake in Glacier National Park and is one of the clearest and cleanest lakes in the nation. Plus, you will always see some wildlife around playing or grabbing a drink. Lake McDonald isn't that huge just at ten miles long but it's definitely deep at over 450 feet.

Lucas Ludwig via Upsplash
Lucas Ludwig via Upsplash

I've been lucky enough to been to Lake McDonald multiple times and this spot is memorizing. Lake McDonald is a part of Montana we need to appreciate because there aren't many places like this left in Montana where it hasn't been overrun by housing. Lake McDonald will stay pristine thanks to Glacier National Park and should be on every Montanan's bucket list.

Glacier National Park is about a five hour trip from the Gallatin Valley and if you haven't made plans this summer maybe you should head northwest to Glacier National Park and hang out at Lake McDonald.

For more details, check out Cosmopolitan.

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