You would think one of our fantastic national parks would easily land on this list but neither made the coveted list.

USA Today came out with the 100 Greatest Places in the World and only a handful of choices were in the United States and one Montana location landed on the list. The 100 Greatest Places in the World list is comprised of places that excite people to travel to when they feel safe and places that have been making big strides making their destination more desirable.

The only Montana location to land on the list was Big Sky and honestly, I am pretty surprised by that. The reason why Big Sky was chosen is not only because they are neighbors to Yellowstone National Park but Big Sky offers the largest skiing area in North America with over 5,000 acres and is at the forefront for green renewable energy during ski season.

Big Sky Resort via Facebook
Big Sky Resort via Facebook

All those reasons stand are fantastic reasons why Big Sky was chosen but Big Sky is interesting to me as a choice. The usual go-to places that land on this list are Yellowstone and Glacier National Park and maybe even Flathead Lake. Big Sky Resort is definitely a destination during the winter for celebrities, athletes, and people looking for great skiing or snowboard experience. Big Sky will become a bigger summer destination after the popularity of The Match with Phil Mickelson and Tom Brady.

We should be thankful that Bozeman didn't land on the list but let's be honest, if they are going to Big Sky, they will end up in Bozeman too.

For more details, check out the USA Today.

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