Montana State University has announced that its comprehensive fundraising campaign, “What It Takes,” raised more than $413 million for the institution's people, places and programs.

The total money raised makes this the most successful fundraising campaign in state history, according to the university.


The $413 million is above the campaign’s original goal of $300 million goal, which was met in October 2016, two years before the scheduled conclusion of the campaign.

“What It Takes” was MSU’s first comprehensive fundraising campaign.

"We at Montana State University are overcome with gratitude for the many, many supporters who invested in our university,” said MSU President Waded Cruzado. “These generous donors pushed our campaign beyond all expectations and are helping to create a vibrant, sustainable and successful future for our campus.”

Funds raised through the “people” portion of the campaign go toward scholarships and fellowships to increase access to a wider and more diverse range of students.

The “places” part of the campaign was focused on funds for classroom, laboratory and student support spaces that are needed to address record enrollment.

The “programs” part of the campaign focused on raising money to help students receive increased service-learning experiences and more community engagement and international education opportunities.

Montana State University contributed to this story.

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