Have you ever had a meal that reminds your a place you used to go to all the time with your friends?

Well, I have found that place here in Bozeman now. When I was living in Boise, Idaho there was this great burger joint called Big Jud's. Their burgers were delicious, inexpensive and it was a place that made you want to go back. My coworkers and I would go there all the time if we needed to eat a big delicious meal and didn't want to break the bank. Big Jud's in infamously known for being on the Travel Channel's Man vs. Food. Big Jud's even has a competition with a two-pound burger.

But enough about Big Jud's. Let's discuss what burger place reminds me of that right here in Bozeman.

If you have never been to The U Burgers and Shakes up by the MSU campus then you need to go. A listener recommended The U to me, and I am so thankful. I walked in, and I was instantly amazed by the menu. They have the usual single patty cheeseburger and double patty cheeseburger, but then after that it gets really interesting. Check out the picture I took:

They have burgers that are based on different cities. Whether it be the Portland (which has peanut butter), the Beverly Hills (has a white truffle oil), or the Boulder BLT (six slices of bacon), this place has a burger for any occasion. Plus, they have delicious fries, onion rings, and bacon cheddar fries. If you are an adventurous person, definitely try out the Big Sky Country Burger Challenge.

That just looks insane: 10 patties, cheese and bacon plus fries and a shake, and if you finish it in under 30 minutes, it's free. Good luck to that person. If you are looking for a great burger and want to try something new, go check out The U Burgers and Shakes up by the MSU campus.

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