I've been looking for somewhere new to have a meal and a drink, and now I know where to go. 

If you live in Four Corners, a new bar and restaurant will be opening close to you starting tomorrow, August 2nd. The Buck will offer drinks and New York-style pizza, among other things. It's also opening in a spot familiar to many in the Gallatin Valley. 

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The Buck is located right off the intersection of Jackrabbit Lane and Huffine Lane in the old Buffalo Bump Pizza location. This location is suited for anyone who wants to avoid the big crowds of Bozeman and try something new. 

Photo by Carson Masterson via Unsplash
Photo by Carson Masterson via Unsplash

This will be a convenient spot to stop for those going camping or floating the Madison River. 

Four Corners is quickly growing, and the only restaurants it has right now are Korner KlubMr. Burritos, and Jersey Mike's. The Buck will offer variety for folks on their way to Big Sky, Yellowstone National Park, Cottonwood Golf Course, the Madison River, or for those heading back to Belgrade or Bozeman. 

Photo by Thom Milkovic via Unsplash
Photo by Thom Milkovic via Unsplash

I will say, please be patient with The Buck in these opening days. They will be smoothing over employees and getting them trained, so be kind to a new business in the Bozeman area. 

Who's down to grab lunch or dinner tomorrow at The Buck? A frozen Moscow mule sounds tasty right about now. 

For more details, check out The Buck.

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