This sounds like the type of place I would love to go to after a long day of skiing or snowboarding and just want to have a nice drink to end the day.

Okay, Cool Hospitality Group who is behind restaurants and bars such as Copper Whiskey(both locations in Bozeman and Big Sky), El Camino and Kitty Warren will be opening a new dive bar up in Big Sky hopefully soon just in time for the ski season.

Low angle view of a skier throwing up snow while skiing on a mountain
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The retro dive bar will be called Tips Up(love that name) and will be located in the Big Sky Town Center. That will be a fantastic location and will add a new place for locals and whoever wants a place to have a great drink after a long day of skiing or snowboarding.

Tips Up sounds like it might be a great change of pace from everything else up in Big Sky Resort and will definitely appeal to younger adults. That's a great idea because more younger adults tend to go to Big Sky Resort now and even most of the staff that works the ski season at Big Sky tend to be in their 20's and 30's and Tips Up has the sound of being a younger, fun bar.

Okay, Cool Hospitality Group has crushed it with their other restaurants and bars, who doesn't love Copper Whiskey or El Camino(my favorite place to grab a chicken sandwich) and I have a good feeling about Tips Up. When we find out more about Tips Up on when they could be possibly opening up we will let you know.

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