There's a new trend on TikTok that is encouraging students to vandalize schools. Many schools in larger cities have been vandalized and authorities are blaming TikTok for the nationwide vandalism craze known as the “devious licks” school vandalism challenge.

Here in Bozeman, there haven't been many reports of schools being vandalized but it could start happening soon. There have been reports of vandalism in many states surrounding Montana, including Idaho.

There have been reports of soap dispensers getting torn off walls and put in toilets. Students have also have torn paper towel and toilet paper dispensers off the walls, clogged toilets and trashed sinks, and sprayed sticky Kool-Aid concentrate on toilets, which is very hard to clean off.

Law Enforcement officials are warning that students that take part in the "devious licks" challenge could face serious consequences, and encourage parents to talk to their children about not getting caught up in the social media frenzy.

Bozeman is generally late to the party when it comes to National trends. It's very important to talk with your children and teach them that vandalism and damaging property is wrong. Not only could your child face serious consequences, but parents could end up getting stuck with the bill to pay for the damage.

This trend is pointless and stupid. It makes about as much sense as the Tide pod challenge. Do yourself a favor, and don't do it.

As previously mentioned, the trend hasn't hit Bozeman, so it's important to stop it before it does.

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