We all know real estate in the Gallatin Valley is outrageously expensive, but have you seen how much it is in Big Sky? 

It hurts every time I look at the average price of homes, condos, or townhomes in Gallatin Valley. I thought the housing market was ridiculous here in Bozeman, until I saw the cost of houses in Big Sky. 

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Big Sky is full of houses that aren't occupied most of the year. Most of the people that own homes there are part-time residents, and only visit during the winter to go skiing or snowboarding. The houses tend to be extravagant, which is to be expected considering the income of most residents. A recent listing, however, stretches things from extravagant to ridiculous.

Realtor.com shows a listing for a house in Big Sky. Here's the kicker: the house isn't actually built yet, and it's on only one acre of land. You will need deep pockets to own the parcel of land, let alone the house itself. 

How much, you ask? Well, the price for the house is a hair under $24 million. What do you get for that price? One acre of land and a modern mansion with ten bathrooms and six bedrooms. There will also be a four-car garage and ski lockers for your gear. 

Credit: Christine Galovich via Big Sky Properties
Credit: Christine Galovich via Big Sky Properties

Though it's an insane house, that seems like a little much for a house that only sits on only one acre of land. With that price tag, you could easily buy several ranches throughout Montana for cheaper and not have to live close to your neighbors. 

If I had that kind of Powerball money, I would buy this Whitefish ranch next to Whitefish Mountain Resort and enjoy the over 80 acres I would have to myself. 

Kenneth Stein via PureWest Real Estate
Kenneth Stein via PureWest Real Estate

Such extravagant properties are always fun to look at and wonder who has the money to buy them. Who knows, maybe I will get lucky one day. 

Either way, if I'm spending close to $24 million for a house, I would make sure I have nothing around me for miles so I could enjoy the beauty (and quiet) of Montana. 

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