Change can be hard, especially when you've been one of the most popular restaurants in Montana for years. So when it was announced that Sir Scott's Oasis in Manhattan would be switching hands, you can imagine that raised an eyebrow or two.

The Oasis has been a staple for decades and after owners Scott and Marie decided to retire, there were questions about what would happen with the iconic restaurant and if it would continue, and if so, who the new owners would be?

A post last night on social media revealed not only the new owner, but the new name as well.

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The owner of the Local American Saloon in Belgrade is now also the owner of what was Sir Scott's Oasis in Manhattan.

According to a post on the recently created Facebook page, The Manhattan Saloon will open up in October.

While things will no doubt change a bit, it's great news for the city of Manhattan, which is a little light when it comes to eating establishments. Currently, there are just a few options such as Sophie's Bakery, Cafe and Espresso, Wheelers Pies, and The Porch at Nogan's. So the fact that the newly named Manhattan Saloon will be part of the dining scene should be welcome news to everyone in the area.

While it's always sad to see a place and people we love close shop, we certainly want to wish Scott and Marie all of the very best in their retirement and we also wish The Manhattan Saloon years of success.

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