Fictitious online companies are being investigated by the Bozeman Police Department.

These online companies are pitching themselves as gift-wrapping and/or package delivery services.

Individuals who agree to employment provide their information and then are sent packages to repack and send on to a final destination. These employees later learn their information is at risk, they are never paid and the online company website are abandoned, according to the City of Bozeman.

Not only are these online companies not paying their employees they are using workers to maneuver stolen property through the United States. The stolen property is most likely purchased with stolen credit card information gathered in recent data breeches.

Please take caution when seeking employment online and verify the company before giving out private information. If you have had a similar experience or entered into employment with a fraudulent online company please contact Robert Vanuka, a Bozeman Police Department detective, at 406-582-2246.

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