Most people can agree that there is no shortage of tasty burgers in the Bozeman area.

Now, I'm not afraid to admit that I'm a man who has indulged in way too many burgers during my time here on Earth. But with all that experience comes knowledge, and after tasting a burger at one particular Bozeman eatery, I now believe I've found Bozeman's best burger.

I, Will G, in front of everyone, believe here and now that El Camino Bar has the best burger in Bozeman.

It's alright if you don't agree, but I think you would be wrong to doubt me. I truly am a burger connoisseur. Take that.

If you want to judge for yourself, head down to El Camino Bar and get the Plain Jane Burger, it has onions minced in the burger and this delicious treat comes with cheddar, lettuce, tomato and bacon on it.

Let me know what you think of it and whether it really is the best burger in Bozeman.

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