If you can afford this, why don't you just go ahead and buy a house? That would make way more sense to me.

So we all know real estate in the Gallatin Valley is pretty eye-opening and can hurt your wallet. We usually talk about houses for sale but some of us are renters in and that got me thinking, what is the most expensive rental in Bozeman? I found it and it's brutal.

On Apartments.com I searched Bozeman and sorted highest to the lowest and dear lord, the results were mind-blowing. There is a two-story, two-bedroom house, that is fully furnished that is available for rent and it's $6,500 a month. I am not joking. This place is fully furnished, comes with a lot of amenities but costs about half of what a used car is monthly.

Who's the market for this house for? If you are going to pay over six grand in rent a month, you can afford a mortgage here in the Gallatin Valley. The place is stunning and looks like it would be a perfect rental or home to even own but there is no way people are paying this much for rent in Bozeman, right?

The Gallatin Valley has been facing housing issues for a long time. High rent has been pushing people out and if this doesn't showcase the issues I don't know what will.

Maybe if I win the lottery I could afford this place.

Check out all the pictures and details on this spot at Apartments.com.

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