Heeb's East Main Grocery, a part of downtown Bozeman since 1947, will be moving to a new location in January.

The new location at East Main & Highland in Bozeman will be much larger in size. The current location is only 10,000 square feet, and the new store will be much more spacious at 26,000 square feet.

In addition to more space, the new Heeb's location will offer a huge bulk bin section for shoppers at the store. Since Heebs is locally owned, they are able to get the products their customers want, not necessarily what the store wants to sell.

We spoke to a manager at Heeb's East Main Grocery, and they plan to open the new store on January 17, 2019, although that date is subject to change.

You can stay updated on the progress of the new Heeb's East Main Grocery location here.

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