Yesterday things only got worse.  Our beautiful Paradise Valley is in on fire.  Our prayers go out to the firefighters, homeowners and everyone involved.  Here is the fire picture as of this morning.

  • Pine Creek Fire - This fire started yesterday at a construction site, and quickly spread.  Numerous structures/homes have been lost, including the Pink Creek Lodge.  It's consumed approximately 2500 acres, and is currently 0% contained. Impacted areas are  Luccock Park, Pine Creek campground, Sunset Trail, Roche Jaune Road, the Pine Creek area, and everything north of Pine Creek over toward the Suce Creek area. Residents on the east side of East River Road in those areas have been evacuated.  Residents in the Boulder and Swingley areas have also been warned they should be ready to evacuate due to the fire's potential to reach over the Paradise Valley side of the ridgeline and make a run down into those areas, Park County Sheriff Allan Lutes said Wednesday.A refuge center for displaced residents has been set up at the Livingston Civic Center.
  • On this side of the hill, the Millie fire erupted yesterday burning a whopping 10,000 acres (compared to 500 the previous night).  It's also 0% contained.  All trails and roads above the Spire Rock Campground are closed. Residences along Hwy 191 are currently open and have not been evacuated. An area closure is in place to all trail and roads leading into the fire area between Storm Castle Creek Road and south to the Swan Creek road and east to the Gallatin Ridge. Also closed are The Blackmore Trail at Hyalite, All trails in the Little Bear Wilson Area, and The South Cottonwood Trail.
  • The 19 Mile Fire - Evacuations continued yesterday in Whitehall surrounding the erratic 19 mile fire.  It has currently burned over 3000 acres.  The Jefferson County Sherriff has conducted evacuations in the Upper Rader Creek and Toll Mountain area. Residents are asked to check in at the Whitehall Ambulance Barn (406) 287-3914 and if they need other assistance to go to the Catholic Church in Whitehall. Small animals may be taken to the Whitehall Ambulance Barn, however they will need to be in cages. Large animals may be taken to the Rodeo Grounds in Whitehall.

Want to check out the smoke conditions - CLICK HERE.