An email, text, and phone call went out early this morning regarding a threat the school received late last night. As a precaution, the school sent out the following email:

Shortly after 11 pm last night, the district received a suspicious email with a school threat. A specific school was not identified.  At this time, the origin of the email is unknown.  The District worked with law enforcement throughout the night.  While we do not believe the threat to be credible, we are closely monitoring the situation and taking it seriously.  It is for this reason that out of an abundance of caution, we have decided to cancel school on Monday, March 6. All buildings will be closed during regular school hours on Monday to students, staff, and the public, so all school business is postponed, including scheduled meetings for the day.  This will allow law enforcement to do its job in a thorough manner.


It is anticipated that BSD7 buildings will reopen for after school activities, including the AA band festival, at 3:30 pm today. Staff may enter buildings as needed after 3:30 pm. The reopening will be confirmed via an email message later today from my office.


We intend to reopen all buildings for regular student attendance on Tuesday, March 7.  Our School Resource Officers (SRO’s) will be present and visible in our schools on Tuesday.  We will also have increased Bozeman Police Department patrols near our school sites tomorrow as an added precaution.

Please underscore with your child/ren that if they hear or see something, they need to say something.  If you or your child become aware of any potential threat posted to social media or anywhere else, please notify your school’s principal and local law enforcement immediately.  For emergencies please call 911. To contact Bozeman PD SRO Sergeant Scott McCormick, call 406-582-2000.  We all play a role in keeping our schools and community safe.  Thank you for your partnership as we work to ensure a safe, secure, and positive learning environment for our students. -Casey Bertram, Superintendent

If you do have a child that attends school in the area, make sure you have your correct phone number and email on file with the school to ensure you receive urgent/important messages from the school.

cc: Bozeman Public School

10 Montana Grocery Items That Could Be In Short Supply In 2023.

The last couple of years has been rough for a lot of Montanans as the supply chain was disrupted over the whole pandemic. Of course, we're now a few years removed, and yet certain items are still hard to come by.

Although we've "officially" moved on, there are now other factors that are being blamed for higher prices and lower supply. The war in Ukraine, high fuel costs, lack of manpower, etc. It seems there are several reasons behind it, and none of them look like they're in our favor as consumers.

So what does this all mean?  It means that we're looking at a possible shortage when it comes to groceries. Sadly, most of the items on the list are staples that we tend to use on a regular basis.

9 Facts About Montana Food Stamps You Need To Know

In 2022, there were over 42 million United States residents using SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program), formally known as food stamps; Montana ranks 38th in the United States for SNAP participants.

There are certain rules and regulations when it comes to using SNAP, and certain things you can and can not purchase with your SNAP benefits.

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