Ski Bike Jumping Is A Thing [VIDEO]
We shouldn't be surprised I guess, but ski bike jumping is indeed a thing now. It appears to me like a fantastic way to break your arm but Jason Hudson and his buddies seem to be getting the hang of it.
Winter Commuting In Bozeman
Biking in the winter is no big deal around here. However, having a safe place INDOORS to park your bike can be another matter. Not at our office!
Bozeman Police Department Bicycle Auction July 23
With the weather as nice as it's been, it's tough not riding your bike everywhere. You don't have a bike you say? You are in luck! This Saturday the 23rd the Bozeman Police Department will be auctioning off their unclaimed bicycles and vehicles at 400 E. Griffin in Bozeman. With the minimum bid for…
Hyalite Road Closing For Spring Thaw
From April 1st until May 15th Hyalite Road will be closed to motorized vehicles while all that snow that has piled up all winter melts.
Gallatin National Forest
"This transition time provides a great opportunity for hikers, bikers, roller-bladers, and other non-motorized recreationists to us…