Taylor Swift is arguably the most popular artist in the world. If ticket sales for her Eras Tour are any indication, people can't get enough of America's pop princess.

Opening Night of Taylor Swift | The Eras Tour
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Swift has a reputation for using past relationships as inspiration for her songs and figuring out who the songs are actually about is something that Swifties love to speculate on. Taylor Swift has written songs about all of her ex-boyfriends but has never really confirmed who each song is about.

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There's a certain Montana resident that has been rumored to be an inspiration for several of Swift's songs. While it has been several years since the two were a romantic item, fans have still kept the rumors alive and continue to talk about it today. One of the songs on Taylor Swift's latest album Midnights is apparently about him. So, who is it?

How Many Taylor Swift Songs Are About This Montana Resident?

We're talking about John Mayer. He spends a lot of time in Montana on his property in the Paradise Valley near Yellowstone National Park. If you're wondering how many Taylor Swift songs are about John Mayer, we may finally have an answer.

John Mayer Solo & Acoustic Tour - Nashville, TN
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Cosmopolitan recently released a list of all of the Taylor Swift songs that have been rumored to be about John Mayer. Here are the songs.

"Dear John" - Album: Speak Now (Taylor's Version)

"The Story of Us" - Album: Speak Now (Taylor's Version)

"Ours" - Album: Speak Now (Taylor's Version)

"Superman" - Album: Speak Now (Taylor's Version)

"Sad Beautiful Tragic" - Album: Red (Taylor's Version)

"Would've, Could've, Should've" - Album: Midnights - 3 A.M. Edition

"Foolish One" - Album: Speak Now (Taylor's Version)

Swift has never revealed whether or not the songs listed above are about John Mayer, but most of her fans think they have it figured out. I guess we'll never know for sure, because Taylor most likely won't spill the beans.

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