Winter has finally arrived in Montana, and with it comes bone-chilling temperatures.

According to the National Weather Service in Great Falls, a back trajectory analysis has traced the origin of the air mass over much of Montana to a location close to the North Pole nearly two weeks ago. Gee, thanks Santa.

National Weather Service
National Weather Service

While temperatures have dropped well below zero, they aren't even close to the coldest days on record in Bozeman history. The best way to battle the bitter cold in Montana is to stay indoors unless you have to go outside. Extended exposure to bare skin in below zero temperatures can lead to frostbite or worse.

We reached out to the National Weather Service to find out what the coldest days on record in Bozeman are.

There are two separate weather stations in the Bozeman area that the NWS uses to gather weather data. One is located at the Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport, and the other is located on campus at Montana State University. The temperatures recorded at each location sometimes differ.

We'll start with Montana State University. The five coldest temperatures on record are listed below.

  • #5: -36 - January 24, 1949
  • #4: -36 - January 25, 1949
  • #3: -37 - February 7, 1936
  • #2: -42 - December 24, 1893
  • #1 -43 - February 8, 1936

The weather data provided at the Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport doesn't go back as far as MSU. Below are the five coldest temperatures recorded at the airport.

  • #5: -43 -  Tie: February 4 & 5, 1989
  • #4: -44 - January 24, 1969
  • #3: -45 - January 21. 1962
  • #2: -46 - December 24, 1983
  • #1: -46 - January 26, 1957

The National Weather Service is Great Falls says the February 1936 is the coldest month on record in Montana.

Stay warm, Bozeman! Temperatures should be back up above zero by early next week.

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