My fiance and I disagree on this list all the time.  He likes to turn off our small Air Conditioners when we leave the house, and I am always turning the dryer off before we leave the house.  Well, issued a report of the top 6 fire causing appliances in your home.

1. The stove top.  The National Fire Incident Reporting System shows that ranges in U.S. kitchens started almost 17,000 fires between 2002 and 2009.

2.  The dryer.  Lint buildup caused almost 9,000 dryer fires between 2002 and 2009.  If you didn't know, lint is REALLY flammable.

3.  The microwave.  Accidents with microwaves are much less common . . . only about 1,700 over the eight-year period.

4.  The fridge.  There were only 1,500 refrigerator fires in eight years, generally from short circuits or overheating.

5.  The dishwasher.  About a thousand fires in eight years.  Sometimes a circuit board or heating element will catch fire.

6.  The toaster.  Toasters have caused about 900 fires in that eight-year period.