Have you ever had a case of the Mondays? My week definitely isn't off to a good start. It all started on Sunday when I accidentally cracked the screen on my phone which caused my phone to start bugging out.

This morning, my alarm went off on my phone, and when I went to turn it off, the screen was completely black and I couldn't see anything. Fortunately, I was able to turn the volume down since I couldn't turn off the alarm. After I got ready for work, I went out to start my car.

A little back story. The car is a 2003 Subaru Impreza. I bought it a couple of years ago in Rexburg, Idaho and it turned out to be a lemon. I've had a lot of problems with it ever since I bought it and the cost of repairing many of them was more than I could afford.

After about ten minutes of letting my car warm up, I left my house in Manhattan to head for work in Bozeman. I'd made it about 5 miles from Manhattan on I-90 when my car suddenly made a screeching noise and started slowing down. I was hitting the gas peddle and nothing was happening. My car finally came to a stop on the side of I-90 between Manhattan and Belgrade. I turned the key again to try to restart it. I had power, but the engine wouldn't turn.

Due to the cracked screen on my phone, I couldn't see to call anyone for help. Luckily, I have google on my phone, and I was able to make a call by saying "Hey, Google...Call so and so." After making a couple of calls to friends that ended up fruitless, I decided to cross I-90 and start walking back to Manhattan.

While walking along I-90, I was finally able to get ahold of my friend Rhonda, who lives in Belgrade. At that time, I had already walked about two miles towards Manhattan, but I asked her for a ride anyway. Walking on the side of the interstate is no fun. About ten minutes later Rhonda pulled up in front of me and I hopped in and headed back home to Manhattan. A HUGE THANK YOU to Rhonda for coming to the rescue. I'm definitely grateful to have her as a friend.

Thankfully, I have a second vehicle. I was able to get to work after an adventurous morning. I sincerely hope that your week is off to a better start than mine.

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