Let's face it, when it comes to hiking trails, we have a lot of options. Here in the Bozeman area, there are many trails throughout the Bridger Mountains, up near Hyalite, and practically all over the place.

Hiking is a popular outdoor activity for many Montanans as it offers an opportunity to experience the beauty of the state and take the road less travelled. Many of Montana's most beautiful sights are only accessible to those that put in the effort and choose to travel by foot.

The website atlasandboots.com recently conducted a survey to figure out the most popular hiking trails in every state. They used data and reviews from AllTrails, one of the most popular hiking apps in the world.

In order to find the best hiking trails in Montana, the website chose the highest-rated hikes according to their average rating on AllTrails.

According to their findings, the hiking trails listed below are the best in Montana.

Top Five Hiking Trails In Montana





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