Montanans are DEFINITELY proud of Montana. Be it purchasing high quality, interesting Made In Montana products or scrolling through "Montana Is For Badasses," we take our turf seriously and won't pass up a chance to brag about it.

Let me be very clear - THIS IS NOT A COMPLETE LIST. In fact, I'll probably start writing the next installment after a few "WHAT? You didn't include so-and-so????? Are you KIDDING???" comments.

You have to start somewhere! So I decided to start with a few from Bozeman.

1) RECHERCH'E ORGANICS (Body Care - Bozeman, MT)

Recherch'e Organics - Made in Bozeman, Montana

I just discovered this Bozeman-based company a couple of weeks ago when I was shopping at Planet Natural. They've got a very good selection of Montana Made products including lotions, soaps and lip balms from Recherch'e. Lotions are available in TONS of scents which I dig, and they're just simply high quality and beautifully packaged.

2) MYSTERY RANCH BACKPACKS (Outdoor Gear - Bozeman, MT)

Mystery Ranch Packs made in Bozeman, Montana

This Bozeman-based pack company is no secret to anyone who's lived here longer than a couple of weeks. However, knowing about Mystery Ranch and using Mystery Ranch are entirely different things. I've had my "Works" pack for years now and have traveled all over the western hemisphere with it. Granted, I'm not scaling mountains with it, but it looks brand new to this day with not a frayed thread to be seen.

3) ELLE'S BELLES BAKERY (Baked Goods/Custom Cakes - Bozeman, Montana)

Elle's Belles Cookies made in Bozeman, Montana

FULL DISCLOSURE: Elle is close friend of mine so this may appear biased. I can assure you, however, that even if I hated her guts, I would still crave her cookies, cakes and brownies. They're insanely good. My favorite Elle's Belles treat is a good, old fashioned chocolate chip cookie. They're available all over town and from her site if you're special ordering. I prefer to dodge into Joe's Parkway Market on my way home.