We all have our go-to excuses. I didn't know it was so common until ALL of my friends told me what they do to avoid saying, "Yes, I went shopping and spent way too much money." Here are some examples of what my friends do: 


  • Put purchases under the bed and slowly take each item out as needed. This way, the new stuff isn't all at once.
  • Immediately hang clothes in closet between older items so her husband sees her just 'picking from the closet'.
  • Always look confused when her husband asks if something is new (as if the thought isn't even close to being true). "This ol' thing? I've had it." - - oh, wait...that's what I say.


Do you have a go-to excuse? Comment below.



P.S. Dear guys: We don't do this to disrespect or to be dishonest, it's to avoid "the talk". We know there are things you do, too. It's okay. We still love you.