If you want to see a lot of bald eagles in Montana, there's one place you can go during the winter that will blow your mind.


When most people think of bald eagles, they think of a magnificent creature soaring through the air. After all, the bald eagle is the symbol of freedom. Seeing a bald eagle in Montana isn't a big deal for most people that live here. Don't get me wrong, it's still cool to see one, but it's fairly common.

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During the winter from late November through the end of February, there's one place in Montana where the eagle-watching is out of this world.

The Best Place For Watching Bald Eagles in Montana

So, where is the best bald eagle watching in Montana? The answer may surprise you. The Logan Landfill just west of Bozeman is a popular place to see bald eagles on a daily basis during the winter.

We spoke with Patty Howard, who manages Recycling and Outreach Education at the Logan Landfill to find out why so many bald eagles are hanging out at the dump.


Why Are There So Many Eagles at the Logan Landfill?

Bald Eagles are generally hunters and scavengers, but the bounty is plentiful at the Logan Landfill. During the winter, you can see anywhere from 2 to 50 bald eagles feeding on food scraps at the landfill.

Can You Go to the Logan Landfill and Watch Bald Eagles?

If you want to see the eagles in person, you can. Make sure you stop by the scales and the Logan Landfill to be directed to a safe place for viewing. Howard also told us that seeing bald eagles isn't anything new, and it's something that happens around this time every year.

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