A list of "10 Basic Thoughts That Go Through A Girl's Mind While Drinking A PSL" was released. It TOTALLY makes us sound like airheads. The problem: I think some of these thoughts. Dang it! If you're a pumpkin lover, see if you're in this group or add your own.

Elite Daily posted this list of 10 thoughts and I had to agree with some. Others, I refuse to agree with because I actually l do have a brain.


  1. How many calories am I consuming?
  2. I need new boots.
  3. I need a fresh manicure.
  4. When am I going wine tasting?
  5. I need to go to Yankee Candle.
  6. What should I be for Halloween?
  7. Shaving can take a hiatus.
  8. I need to go apple picking.
  9. Is "Hocus Pocus" on Netflix?
  10. I need to go to the gym.


See? Totally judgmental. And sometimes right.


What goes through YOUR mind?