There are several reasons for folks to move to Montana.

For many, it's the outdoors with mountains, rivers, lakes, and trails. Or maybe it's the small-town life that attracts people to the state, you know what I'm talking about, the charming downtown that looks like it's straight out of a Norman Rockwell painting. Of course, many come here for education from one of our outstanding institutions of higher learning, fall in love with the state, and decide to stay after.

As mentioned, Montana has a lot to offer, but how does it rank when it comes to raising a family?

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Our friends over at WalletHub published a list of the best cities and towns in each state to raise a family, and two Montana locations made the Top 100.  According to the data, factors in the rankings include:

  • Family Fun
  • Health and Safety
  • Education and Childcare
  • Affordability
  • Socio-Economics 
Source: WalletHub

So which two Montana towns made the Top 100 Best Places To Raise A Family? The two that made the list just happen to be the two biggest cities in Montana, Billings, and Missoula.

Billings comes out on top with an overall ranking of 53.  While the Magic City didn't score high in the categories of Family Fun or Health and Safety, Billings did have a high score when it came to affordability, Ranking 24th in the nation.

Nicole Riley
Nicole Riley

Next up, Missoula, the Garden City came in ranked 66th.  While most of the categories placed the city right in the middle, Missoula scored in the top 20 when it comes to Education and Childcare ranking 15th in the nation.

Tan Curtis
Tan Curtis

One would have to think that other Montana cities had to be considered for the list but things like affordability and socio-economics more than likely played a factor.  Do you agree with the two choices?  Is the another Montanan town or city that should have been on the list?

Let us know what you think by sending a message on our radio station app.

Credit: WalletHub

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