Need a new camping spot or family hang out this summer? Montana has dozens of state parks, meaning dozens of options for things to do. Mellow solitude for some, and family friendly water sports for others.

Let me state that a "secret" isn't a secret anymore if you know all about it...(you and your crew may have been to some of these parks dozens of times!) HOWEVER, I picked two cool parks that I had never been to until very recently.

Does that make them a secret? No, but you get my drift....

Looking for peace and quiet along the beautiful Yellowstone River but also want easy access? Then Pirogue Island State Park is for you. It's easy to get there via I-90 but the park sees little traffic and is a tranquil haven for wildlife. There are plenty of easy pathways for strolling along the banks and it's a great location for a family picnic.

Pirogue Island State Park is open YEAR ROUND.

Enjoy a short hiking trail to view Lost Creek Falls, cascading over a 50-foot drop while scanning the cliffs above for bighorn sheep and mountain goats.

Lots of wildlife, miles of good hiking AND nice camping access make Lost Creek State Park a good choice if you're looking to be active not too far from home.

This quick tourist video shouldn't scare you off...since "discovering" Lost Creek for myself only 2 years ago, I've been there several times and have never seen "neo-nazi" type people. Ever.

Lost Creek State Park is open 5/1 through 11/30.

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