The initial two-season order took some of the fun out of rooting for Netflix’s Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, but not after today. Not only does Kimmy have an official premiere, but the Unbreakable breakout has an official Season 3 renewal, and some good news for Tina Fey fans to boot.

Just ahead of TCA’s official Season 2 press tour panel espousing the Netflix comedy’s April 15 return, the streaming giant announced that Kimmy would stay alive, dammit, through a third season in 2017. Among other details teased at the panel, executive producer Tina Fey also confirmed that she’d again appear on-camera in Season 2, though not as her Marcia Clark prosecutor from Season 1.

Fey herself revealed back over the summer that the series wouldn’t necessarily abandon the looming court case that dominated the first season (and gave Jon Hamm his best comedic work in years), while the second run would also take more advantage of Netflix’s relaxed standards, and runtimes. We’ll also meet Kimmy (Kemper)’s mother at some point, though no official casting has yet been announced.

We’ll likely hear more of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt in the coming weeks, potentially a trailer as well, so check out the first photos and past trailer below.

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