A popular Montana restaurant has been listed for sale. If your lifelong dream is to become a restaurant owner, here's everything you need to know about it.

One of the plus sides to all of the growth in Montana has been a huge increase in great restaurants. Literally, the restaurant scene in the state has exploded in recent years, and food from places around the world is now available everywhere. If you don't think Montana is cultured, think again.

Cafe Zydeco
Big Sky MLS

In places like Bozeman, Missoula, and Billings, new restaurants have been opening at a rapid pace. Some Montanans may not be happy about all of the changes, but if you're a foodie, all of the new restaurants definitely aren't a bad thing.

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If you're into Montana and have a craving for Cajun food, Cafe Zydeco is the place to go. Since it first opened in 1999, Cafe Zydeco has been serving up everything from po'boy sandwiches to gumbo for nearly 25 years. The original restaurant was located in Four Corners before relocation to Bozeman in 2012. The restaurant, located at 2711 W. College St., across from the mall in Bozeman is known for serving the best Cajun food in Montana.

We'll get to the details shortly, but first, here are a few great restaurants to check out in Bozeman if you're in the mood for comfort food.

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Popular Montana Cajun Restaurant Listed For Sale

Cafe Zydeco - Bozeman
Big Sky MLS/Realty.com

Cafe Zydeco is a well-established restaurant with a solid reputation for serving great food. It's also in a prime location in Bozeman. It has been listed for sale for $2,400,000. You can view the listing here.

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