Do you know how many hot springs are scattered throughout Montana? In total, there are 61 known hot springs in the state. Most of them are easy to find, but some of them are a bit more off the beaten path.

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A video on YouTube about hidden hot springs in Montana has been viewed over 3 million times, and we aren't really surprised. The water is crystal clear and it's unlike anything we've ever seen.

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The video was posted on YouTube by a guy named Jake. He's a self-proclaimed treasure hunter and has become known for sharing videos of interesting things he's found while scuba diving in lakes and rivers around the country. He has found guns, knives, phones, and more.

Back in 2018, Jake and his girlfriend visited Montana to do some exploring and decided to check out a hidden hot spring. Well, technically it's considered a warm spring because the water doesn't get above 70 degrees.

Have You Been To This Hidden Hot Spring in Montana?

The hot spring featured in the video isn't actually hidden. In fact, it's fairly easy to find. It's located off of I-90 just east of Missoula. We're talking about Nimrod Hot Springs. In true treasure-hunter fashion, Jake decided to dive in the spring to see if he could find any items left behind by previous visitors. Unfortunately, he only found some loose change and a few pieces of cheap jewelry. Here are a few of the other items he found.

In the video, Jake appears to be blown away but the number of fish that he's able to see swimming in the spring. If you haven't seen it, you can watch it below.

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