Well, this is definitely one way to get possibly attacked by wildlife in Yellowstone National Park. They are extremely lucky though.

A video that was uploaded to YouTube on September 11th shows a group of motorcyclists driving off road in a herd of bison to get around the traffic.

Number one, this is highly illegal. You aren't allowed to drive vehicles off road, unless in a designated area Also you are to keep a distance of AT LEAST 25 yards away from bison and elk and 100 yards from bears and wolves. These motorcyclists not only put themselves in danger but also put everyone else that were out of their cars in danger.

When bison feel threatened they will attack anything nearby that they might see as a threat. Bison have been known to gore tourists who get way too close to them or their calves and these bikers get extremely close to the herd.

Yellowstone Park Officials will probably look into this incident and see if they can get a license plate number and find out the individuals who were driving. The individuals could see a fine and possible jail time for breaking Yellowstone National Park's with wildlife and driving off of the road.

Just watching this video over and over again get me really upset at folks who come to Yellowstone National Park who can't respect and keep their distance form wildlife. Why do they feel the need to drive their motorcycles through the herd of bison? It makes zero sense.

How do you feel about it?