Seriously, don't do it. It's elk mating season and bull elk can be very unpredictable, aggressive, and dangerous, according to Yellowstone National Park.

It's never a good idea to get close to a wild animal, but it's even more important during fall mating season. You don't want to be the star of a viral video that features an angry bull elk, trust me.

The fall elk mating season has officially begun in Yellowstone National Park, and park officials are asking visitors to keep their distance. In the past, people have been severely injured by elk in the park. Elk can run very fast and change direction in an instant. If you plan on taking a trip to YNP, it's best to stay alert and be aware of your surroundings.

Park officials say that visitors should always stay at least two bus lengths (25 yards) from elk. If an elk charges you, find shelter in your vehicle or behind a tall, sturdy barrier as quickly as possible, and always follow directions from park rangers.

If you travel to Yellowstone National Park, you are responsible for your own safety. Make sure to always adhere to the rules if you want to ensure your trip is a good one.

  • Never approach wildlife
  • Stay on boardwalks and trails in thermal areas
  • Never feed wildlife
  • Never park in the road or block traffic

Grizzly Bears will also be more active during the fall preparing for the long winter ahead. All visitors are advised to stay 100 yards from wolves and bears in YNP.

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