A video showing a massive grizzly bear bluff charging a park ranger in Yellowstone National Park has gone viral.

Jay dawg posted the video on YouTube Sunday, May 31. The footage was filmed in Wyoming and shows a very intense situation involving a grizzly bear getting too close to the roadway. A park ranger attempts to keep a bear away from tourists driving through the park in the video. The grizzly bear then bluff charges the park ranger. He tries to scare the bear away, and eventually uses what appear to be rubber bullets or some other non-lethal cartridge to push the bear back into the woods.

Watch the video below.

The incident marks the second time a grizzly bear bluff charge was filmed in Yellowstone National Park during May. On May 10, a woman was filmed approaching a female grizzly bear and her two cubs at the north end of the Roaring Mountain parking lot. Last week, a solo hiker was injured and taken to a hospital after being attacked by a grizzly bear near Mammoth Hot Springs.

If you plan on visiting Yellowstone National Park, please stay AT LEAST 100 yards away from grizzly bears and bison. If you don't you could end up having a really bad time. It's still spring, which means grizzly bears are active in the park. You don't want to wind up on a grizzly bear's lunch menu.

You can learn more about bear safety on the Yellowstone National Park website. Grizzly bears are best viewed from a distance.

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