Recent rainfall has caused rivers in the Bozeman area to rise rapidly in the past few days. There have been several reports of flooding in Bozeman and the surrounding area.


Montana definitely needs as much moisture as possible before hot summer temperatures arrive, and the recent rainstorms have started to cause issues for some residents of Bozeman.

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Multiple reports of flooding were reported Tuesday morning on the Bozeman Reddit page.

The picture above was taken near the Cottonwood Hills Golf Club on River Rd. west of Bozeman.

If you're driving around Bozeman today, make sure to be on the lookout for large puddles of standing water. Driving through deep water can cause your vehicle to hydroplane and could result in loss of control.

The video below was taken Tuesday morning along Kagy Ave. in Bozeman.

Rivers and creeks in the Bozeman area can be extremely dangerous when the water is high. The water is moving very swiftly and is full of debris. It's best to keep your distance until the water levels drop.

A Bozeman resident shared the following video of Bozeman Creek, which is dangerously high. The video was taken at Martel Construction on Church Ave. in Bozeman.

With warm temperatures and rain in the forecast this week, water levels are expected to continue to rise. If possible, avoid driving through standing water. It only takes a few inches of water for drivers to lose control.

If you have any pictures of flooding in the Bozeman area, please send them to

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