You never know what you'll see in Yellowstone National Park. You're almost guaranteed to see bison, but sightings of wolves and grizzly bears are a bit less uncommon. If you do happen to see them, consider yourself lucky.

Wolves and Grizzly Bears are considered at the top of the food chain in YNP. Both are fierce predators and are known for killing other animals. It's not often that the two are seen together as they compete for food sources in the park. Wolves often travel in packs, while grizzlies generally hunt alone.

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Gary Gaston recently visited Yellowstone and captured some amazing footage. Gaston and his group were watching wolves during the early morning hours of September 4, 2021, when they witnessed a wolf and grizzly bear close by. In the video, the wolf seems to be harassing the grizzly before running up behind it and biting it right on the butt.

You can hear someone in the video laughing and saying;

Look! He got him right in the butt!

The grizzly bear clearly wasn't pleased by the wolf chomping down on his behind, but the wolf wair fairly persistent. The wolf tried to bite the grizzly a couple more times before the grizzly finally sat down to keep his dairy air out of reach from the wolf.

As colder weather sets in, grizzly bears and wolves will be more active in Yellowstone National Park in preparation for the long winter months ahead. Remember to stay at least 100 yards away from grizzly bears and wolves when visiting the park, and stay at least 25 yards away from all other animals.

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